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Half Moon Luna Diamond Drop Earrings

Sale price$ 980.00

These unique drop earrings have a beautiful modified ear wire giving them an elongating look. They are made from solid 14-karat gold and are hand set with two sparkling natural Salt and Pepper diamonds created by mother nature. No two are exactly alike. Hand-engraved details and mill grain accents on both sides give a unique and reversible look.

The moon is a symbol of science, creativity, and intuition. It shows up frequently in stories of the mythological and astrological. Derived from the Latin word ‘lucere’ meaning to shine, Ancient Roman mythology names the Goddess of the Moon, Luna, who watches over and protects.

  • Two 2.25mm Salt and Pepper Rose cut diamonds
  • Lightweight
  • 34mm long from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of half moon shape


SKU: E-028-14KY