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6 Symbol Ebony Drops

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Inspired by the Italian folklore charm known as the Cimaruta, this pair of earrings combines multiple hand-carved symbols to create one Portafortuna- the ultimate good luck charm. Six symbols pivot on an ear wire and are finished with a hand-carved Ebony wood drop.

These earrings showcase strength in wearing jewelry as an amulet – that it imbues a feeling of protection and empowerment. Each charm reminds the wearer of a greater idea. 

  • 7 white brilliant diamonds
  • 3" long from the top of ear wire to the bottom of the Ebony drop
    • Crescent moon: Lunar energy/power, creativity, and intuition
    • Ouroboros serpent: Life cycle of all things death & rebirth
    • Sacred heart: Compassion, devotion, love & empathy
    • Key: Symbol of crossroads with opening and closing powers
    • Eagle: Vigilance, perspective, and watchful guardianship
    • Fish: Good health, prosperity, and abundance


    SKU: E-033-14KY