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Article: The New Olive and Arch Collection

The New Olive and Arch Collection

The New Olive and Arch Collection

The concept of adornment is as old as time but there is a reason that certain things live on, both physical and spiritual and this collection is an homage to that. Myths, traditions, customs and institutions are some of the things that establish a cultural identity for a group of people and how that translates into jewelry from my own heritage is something I have always been interested in.

From ancient aqueducts and city ruins to thousand-year-old olive groves, the Olive & Arch Collection showcases a simple and delicate grace through symbolism derived from the culture and architecture of Italy.

The olive branch represents peace and abundance while repeating arch shape references the strength and engineering that early Italian architecture became known for. Hand carved ebony wood adds a certain rustic elegance and unmistakable hand made element to the gold, silver and diamonds.

Symbolism in this collection is inspired by the Cimaruta, an Italian folklore charm roughly translating to “sprig of rue”. It is thought to be the ultimate “portafortuna” or good luck charm. These talismans are traditionally formed in the shape of a sprig of a rue plant with additional symbols “sprouting” out of it.

They are long considered to be an herb of protection and spiritual cleansing that people still collect wear today. This collection showcases the strength in the idea of wearing jewelry as an amulet – that it imbues a feeling of protection and empowerment. Each charm reminds the wearer of the greater idea they stand for.


Crescent moon
Lunar energy/power, creativity, intuition, femininity

Ouroboros serpent
Life cycle of all things/ death & rebirth/renewal

Sacred heart
Compassion, devotion & divine love

Symbol of crossroads with opening and closing powers

Vigilance, perspective and watchful guardianship

Good health, prosperity and abundance















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