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San Francisco-based Melissa Scoppa launched her jewelry design career in the bustling New York City Jewelry District, bringing over 15+ years of experience working with luxury brands. Her journey began during her teenage years in a silversmithing class, which ignited her passion for jewelry-making. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in jewelry design from Kutztown University and has since established herself in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she crafts her unique pieces.

Inspired by themes of time, memory, and symbolism, Melissa Scoppa Jewelry combines aesthetic roots in horology and talismans. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in small batches using techniques such as hand fabrication, hand engraving, wax carving, and lost wax casting. Melissa takes pride in preserving traditional methods, bringing a unique touch to her creations. Her fascination with watchmaking and horology has led her to design jewelry featuring elements like sundials, hourglasses, and moon phases, connecting the wearer to little reminders to be present and to view time as a gift.

Melissa is committed to responsible material sourcing and is a Fairmined Licensed Brand, ensuring her gold comes from traceable sources that respect both people and the environment. She continuously educates herself on the origins of her supplies, giving back to mining communities and prioritizing responsible sourcing in her craft.

Inclusivity and support are at the heart of Melissa's brand. She creates a welcoming experience for customers of all backgrounds and actively supports greater diversity in the industry through volunteer work and support of trade organizations working to empower and support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ jewelry professionals. She served as the Women's Jewelry Association Northern California president and remains involved providing education, resources, and mentorship to fellow jewelry professionals.

Melissa Scoppa Jewelry stands out in a world of big-box stores by valuing high-quality, distinctive, and original jewelry. Her commitment to craftsmanship with care and thought behind materials sourcing, ensures that her pieces not only support all levels of the supply chain with fair wages, but also offer a meaningful and unique experience that each wearer can truly treasure with confidence.