There was an amazing response from the release of the Sundial Designs inspired by the S-town Podcast! It's been awesome connecting with so many people who were also touched by it. 

Things really took hold on Reddit and a few other platforms that helped my Blog post about the Sundial Ring reach over 1,000 readers in less than a week. It's no secret that John B's story was a powerful one, and I am not the first person to be inspired by it. 


There is so much amazing #stownart out there and I also stumbled upon Cheryl Dodson's blog which you can read by clicking here. It is super enjoyable to read and she is doing amazing things in Woodstock, Alabama. I was really happy to be a part of a few of the causes and endeavors she is heading up to raise awareness for very real topics like suicide prevention and to provide resources for people who may be struggling with depression.

"I did not intend to become an advocate. I am just a person who misses my friend. You are not forgotten is something that echoes in my head." - Cheryl Dodson

My tag is the second from to left on the top! Of course it's a Sundial- I'm so predictable.